Staircase handrails support anyone at any age

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Did you know installing handrails on each side of your staircase can help anyone at any age?

On a bright and cold winters’ day, I attended a free workshop at the England Run Central Rappahannock Regional Library. Mike D’Ostilio from AARP taught us about HomeFit. It’s “No-Cost, Low-Cost Ideas and affordable ways to make your home comfortable, safe and a great fit.” And I learned many tips to share that are specific to the betterment of our lives at home.

Stairs and Your Strong Side

Going up or down stairs can put us in a weakened position. How? Having just one handrail. We never know when we, or someone we love, will need a simple thing such as a second handrail.

Supportive handrails, on both sides of your staircase, benefit you and your strong side. If you use a cane, crutches or have restricted ability, one way or the other you’ll need to switch hands with a single rail. This isn’t helpful. With two handrails, you don’t have to switch hands. It works to improve safety and comfort not only going up, but also down the stairs. Or vice versa as it depends on your stronger side.

It’s a simple and great tip right? I learned this from Marietta D’Ostilio, Mike’s wife, with the Fredericksburg chapter of AARP. Mike was great at hosting the workshop. You can tell he enjoys teaching.

Marietta and Mike help with the local AARP chapter in Chancellor Village.

And to learn more about AARP HomeFit, visit their website here.​

AARP HomeFit

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